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Partner profile

Devoted to European cultural heritage valorisation, Michael Culture Association represents a European network on the theme of digitisation and promotion of cultural heritage.
It today sustains and develops the work and missions of the network created through the Minerva
(2002-2008) and Michael (2004-2008) European projects, gathering public agencies, cultural institutions and private organisations from national, regional and local levels and from all over Europe.
Created in 2007, the association counts today 15 formal members, from 11 countries that gather each a broad network, representing 150 institutions from 20 countries.

The main goals of Michael Culture Association are to develop the network of professionals working in the field of cultural heritage digitisation, to increase their awareness and competences on digitisation of cultural heritage and innovation services, and to communicate and disseminate best practices among them, notably through a resource centre and publications.
Michael Culture Association has set up 4 working groups gathering experts and professionals on multilingualism, interoperability, innovative services and best practices, and on new services for the field of research. It is also in charge of the animation of the Michael internet portal–online collections from Europe’s museums, libraries and archives.
The Association participates in the ongoing construction of Europeana–the European Digital Library, and has been involved in key European projects, such as Athena, Net-Heritage, Linked Heritage, DC-Net and Indicate.


Role in the project

The Michael Culture Association will contribute to the stakeholders’ consultation activity in WP2 and strict cooperation with ICCU and will produce advocacy papers synthetising the results of the project in a language that is more customised to communicate with policy makers and national authorities.
It will also contribute to the dissemination and enhancement of the project results.