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Promoter S.r.l. is an Ltd company based in Pisa ( It was founded in 1996 joining together competencies and experiences in the areas of information & communication technologies, research, development and validation processes, multimedia innovation, business promotion and project management.

Promoter's personnel have been involved in EU projects since the early 1990s, in programmes as diverse as Esprit, ACTS, Raphael, INFO200, eContent ,eTen, CIP ICT-PSP, FP5, FP6 and FP7.

Promoter is committed, with an open and coordinated approach, to several fields as technical development of ICT platforms and web-design, multimedia production, electronic and web publishing, corporate consulting, dedicated online services for the promotion of culture and tourism.

Promoter is the owner and manager of, a communication and cooperation platform accounted as a remarkable meeting point for collecting and sharing information and events about digital heritage, digital art and digital technologies applied to the humanities.

Promoter contributed to several projects in the domain of digital cultural heritage, such as recently: MINERVA and MICHAEL series, DC-NET, INDICATE and LINKED HERITAGE where it contributed the technical coordination; ATHENA for the peer review of the project’s deliverables; ARROW Plus, JudaicaEuropeana, PartagePlus to support the dissemination activities through the platform; and CULTURA as advisor to the University of Padua.

Role in the project

Promoter provides the Technical Coordinator and will contribute to WP2 with the creation of a dedicated space on the communication portal, to boost the webpresence of DCH-RP, to provide information and links to the results of the project, and to foster new visits to the official website.