Website: http://www.editeur.org


Partner profile

 EDItEUR, UK is the international group coordinating development of the standards infrastructure for electronic commerce in the book and serials sectors. EDItEUR provides its membership with research, standards and guidance in such diverse areas as:

  •  EDI and other e-commerce standards for book and serial transactions
  •  Bibliographic and product information
  •  The standards infrastructure for digital publishing
  •  Rights management and trading
  •  Radio frequency identification tags

Established in 1991, EDItEUR is a truly international organisation with 90 members from 17 countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa, United States and most of the European countries.
A leader in global standards for the exchange of bibliographic information and of e-commerce messages in the book and journal supply chains, EDItEUR is now engaged in shaping key national and international projects aimed at developing rights and permissions expressions.
EDItEUR’s work with ONIX-PL and the ARROW Project has involved it in extensive research and message development in the fields of licensing and rights discovery, respectively. More recently it has chaired a group of preservation agencies and other interested parties, leading to the development
of ONIX-PH designed to communicate structured information about preservation holdings.
EDItEUR currently leads one of the work packages of the Linked Heritage project giving it considerable knowledge and insight into many of the issues involved in DCH.


Role in the project

EDItEUR is task T4.2 leader and will contribute to WP2 and to task 3.5.