Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo Sieciowe


Website: www.man.poznan.pl


Partner profile

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) is affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic

Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. PSNC employs about 250+ people divided into four departments. It is an HPC Center, Systems and Network Security Center as well as R&D Center of New Generation Networks, Grids and Portals.
PSNC is also the operator of Polish National Research and Education Network PIONIER, which is connected to the GEANT2 network, Operator of Poznań Metropolitan Area Network POZMAN. PSNC is a leading HPC

centre in Poland with its 300+ Tflops of computing power, storage and data management infrastructure. It has been coordinating 5 international EU projects (e.g. DORII, RINGRID,GRIDLAB,Phosphorus) and participated in several national and international projects.
PSNC has been coordinating two R&D projects on data management (KMD 2008- 2010, and KMD2 – 2011-2013) – National Data Storage.
There is also currently ongoing national project PLATON – Service Platform for e-Science with remote archivisation service and data infrastructure including 10 sites and 15 PB capacity. PSNC participates in EU 7 FP project EUDAT (2011-2014) aiming to build data infrastructure in Europe. There are also activities with libraries on digitalisation of documents, books and manuscripts (digital libraries) done under regional and national projects (e.g. Wielkopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa – Digital Library of Wielkopolska).


Role in the project

PSNC is task T3.3 leader participating to WP3 to develop a registry of services related to digital preservation for DCH and to WP5 to run the proofs of concept in Poland.