Roadmap for Preservation

The DCH-RP Roadmap makes it possible for each cultural heritage institution to define its own practical action plan with a realistic timeframe for the implementation of its stages.

A short-term action plan is proposed by the DCH-RP project in order to initiate the development of a preservation services infrastructure on a level that will be self-sustainable and continue to progress on its own. Beyond the duration of the project itself, the Roadmap identifies two further planning periods: medium-term (approximately two years after the end of DCH-RP) and long-term for the logical continuation of the DCH-RP work into the future.

Defining a Preservation Roadmap for DCH encompasses a number of activities:

  • Exploring the state of art in cultural heritage and e-Infrastructure
  • Developing a registry of services and tools
  • Investigating how Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can contribute to digital preservation services for DCH
  • Considering how standards and interoperability principles can be adopted by the cultural heritage and e-Infrastructure communities

The DCH-RP Roadmap is supplemented by practical tools for decision makers, including:

  • Best practices to promote future interoperability and the adoption of common standards, tools, approaches and business models
  • The design of a new trust model appropriate for the use of e-Infrastructures and including recommendations for user authentication and access control system(s), and for engaging with commercial partners

The roadmap has been released in the following versions:

  • Intermediate version of the Roadmap  (January 2014, .pdf, 1,509 kb)
  • Final version of the Roadmap (October 2014, .pdf, 2,645 kb)
  • Handbook "A Roadmap for preservation for digital cultural heritage content" (PDF, 9,086 kb)

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DCH-RP Roadmap condensed version, short termDCH-RP Roadmap condensed version, mid termDCH-RP Roadmap condensed version, long term