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 The Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) fulfils two main missions:

  • An operational mission, through: research programmes offering scientific support to the policy making (information society; sustainable development; social cohesion); the national e-Infrastructure for research (BELNET + Belgian national Grid project BEGrid + participation in GEANT and EGEE), the funding of networks of excellence in fundamental research; space research; and the research activities and public scientific service of ten federal scientific institutions (institutes of space research, natural sciences, the national archives and library, large museums). In particular, the Office supports the implementation of a multiannual digitisation plan of the federal scientific institutions and is participating in the EU Member States Expert Group on Digitisation and the e-Infrastructure Policy Forum (e-IPF);
  • A co-ordination mission with respect to the federal research efforts as a whole as well as to the strategies aimed at building the European Research Area. In particular, the Office supports the financial contribution of Belgium to international large-scale S&T infrastructures and is participating in the FP Programme Committee Capacities/Infrastructures and in ESFRI.


Role in the project

Belgian Science Policy Office is the leader of WP4 Case Studies and Best Practice, will contribute to WP2 and participates to the WP5 Proof of concept running the experiment in Belgium.