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TERENA is the association of National Research and Education Networks in Europe and in 2011 celebrates its 25th year of existence. In 2010 the organisation represented 39 national members, two international members – CERN and ESA - , a number of associate members, including, DANTE, NORDUnet and several industrial organisations, which are normally highly involved in cooperation activities and projects with the research and education networking community.

The mission of TERENA is to promote and participate in the development of high-quality international information and telecommunications infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education.

TERENA operates under a model in which experts with the appropriate competence and experience from the national academic networks and the research community collaborate in the well-established initiatives operating under the TERENA’s umbrella, such as the Research and Education FEDerationS (REFEDS) initiative, the task-force on European Middleware Coordination and Collaboration (TF-EMC2) and the
task-force on Mobility and Network Middleware (TF-MNM). Through the leadership of these groups and through its participation in the GÉANT project, TERENA can provide extraordinary resources and knowledge for the task at hand.


Role in the project

TERENA will contribute to WP4, with a special focus on the Authentication and Authorisation infrastructure layers.