DCH-RP Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation is a coordination action supported by the European Commission under the e-Infrastructure Capacities Programme of Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). 

The project  has been launched to look at best practice for preservation standards in use.

It started  in October 2012 and will last 24 months. It involves 13 partners from EU countries and will  move to external partners from Europe and other countries.

DCH-RP aim to:

  • harmonize data storage and preservation policies in the digital cultural heritage sector at European and international level, dealing with the storage phase which includes both long-term preservation and short-term preservation
  • progress a dialogue among DCH-RP institutions,  e-Infrastructures, research and private organisations and integrate these efforts in a common work
  • identify more suitable models for the governance, maintenance and sustainability for such infrastructure.

Main outcome will be a Roadmap for the implementation of a preservation federated e-infrastructure, supplemented by practical tools for decision makers. It will be validated through a range of proof of concepts, where cultural organisations and e-Infrastructure providers will work together on concrete experiments.

DCH-RP builds upon the knowledge generated by the DC-NET ERA-NET , the INDICATE and also upon other  successfully completed and ongoing initiatives, with regard to  those who address the theme of the preservation with cross-disciplinary strategies.