Nemzeti Információs Infrastruktúra Fejlesztési Intézet




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Nemzeti Információs Infrastruktúra Fejlesztési Intézet (NIIF Institute, or NIIFI, the National

Information Infrastructure Development Institute) is the organisation responsible for developing and operating the Hungarian e-Infrastructure for science, education, and public collections. That e-Infrastructure is based on the academic and research network and its services, and comprising such components of the e-Infrastructure as supercomputing facilities, grid and cloud applications, digital repositories/archives, collaboration tools etc.

NIIFI operates under the umbrella of the Hungarian Government (Ministry of National Development). NIIFI (and earlier its predecessor, the NIIF Office) have been serving the academic and research community for some 25 years. The activities devoted to developing and operating the e-Infrastructure are organised and supported within the National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIF) Program of Hungary.
NIIFI is also responsible for managing that Program, in cooperation with Hungarnet, the Association comprising the user community (research organisations, education institutions, libraries, museums,

archives, etc.). NIIFI provides the user community with access to a wide range of national and international network services, operates HBONE, the community’s dark-fibre based country-wide private 10 Gbps backbone network, and provides international connectivity, through GÉANT, to the entire community. In 2011, some 700 research and education organisations and about 700,000 users - a stable user community - have been served byNIIFI.
NIIFI is running several national development projects in Hungary and takes part in a number of international (EU FP6/FP7) projects.  
There are about 45 core staff within NIIFI. NIIFI has cooperated with the Hungarian Ministry of Culture in the frame of DC-NET.


Role in the project

NIIFI is task T3.4 leader in WP3 on IAAS approach and participate to WP5 to run the proofs of

concept in Hungary.