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 Within the Estonian Government, the Ministry of Culture is responsible for organising and coordinating state cultural policy. The task of the Ministry of Culture is to make sure that necessary and favourable conditions, both legislative and financial, are created for the functioning of culture, heritage and sports from the culture professionals’ as well as the general public’s point of view.

The mission of the Ministry of Culture is to support the maintaining of the Estonian national identity by valuing, preserving, developing, acknowledging and spreading Estonian fine arts, cultural heritage and sport in Estonia and abroad supporting both the professional and amateur activities in creativity and sport.

Ministry of Culture has participated in MichaelPLUS, MinervaEC, MICHAEL Plus and Athena projects and currently is participating in DC-NET, Linked Heritage and CARARE projects.

The mission of IT Division is to coordinate and support digitisation activities and developing different IT solutions for institutions under the ministry.

Estonian cultural institutions actively digitise collections and therefore there is growing demand for new services in the fields of long-term preservation and access to digital content.
Therefore, the Ministry of Culture is interested in participating in the DCH-RP project.


Role in the project

EVKM is task T4.3 leader in WP4 for e-Infrastructure Concertation, will contribute to WP2 and participates to the WP5 Proof of concept running the experiment in Estonia.