Working groups

This section is dedicated to working groups running in the framework of the DCH-RP network:

Italian working group 


  • Sara Di Giorgio (ICCU)
  • Patrizia Martini  (ICCU)
  • Giovanni Bergamin (National Library of Florence)
  • Orsola Braides (Marciana National Library – Venice)
  • Laura Ciancio (ICCU)
  • Giovanni Ciccaglioni (ICCU)
  • Andrea Giuliano (ICCU)
  • Paola Manoni (Vatican Library)
  • Maurizio Messina (Marciana National Library – Venice)
  • Gabriela  Paolini (Consortium  GARR)
  • Claudio Prandoni (Promoter srl)
  • Sabrina Tomassini (Consortium GARR)