DCH-RP on Digitalmeetsculture

Digitalmeetsculture.net is an interactive online magazine where digital technology and culture collide.

It is an online platform open to the cooperation and interaction among practitioners, cultural managers, students, researchers and amateurs on the themes connected with the encounter of  the digital technologies with the cultural heritage and the arts.

As foreseen in the DoW, a show-case about DCH-RP has been created on digitalmeetsculture.net.

 DCH-RP on Digital meets Culture

The showcase, designed according to the same graphic elements and logo of DCH-RP, offers general information, link to each partner’s website, contacts, and auto-refreshing news via RSS that rebound the news appeared in the DCH-RP website. Reports of project’s meetings, interviews to key people, focused issues and other articles that are relevant for the matters addressed by DCH-RP are published and displayed along the whole lifetime of the project.

The show-case is therefore a constantly living page, that combines information coming from inside the project with the discussion on the themes of the digital preservation that is occurring outside the project. This combination of inside and outside information offers a creative dimension to the communication of DCH-RP, contributing to the coordination objectives of the project.

Digitalmeetsculture.net also allows interactivity by rebounding the articles into social networks (FaceBook, Twitter and others...) and by adding comments and sharing, for a wider dissemination.

Another opportunity for dissemination available from digitalmeetsculture.net is to host articles about DCH-RP on the magazine’s newsletter, which is sent periodically to the whole group of digitalmeetsculture.net followers (registered users, FaceBook friends, Twitter community and others).