Digisam releases its Guiding Principles in English



Digisam, an organization established by Swedish Government to coordinate the continued development work on digitisation issues, has released its Guiding Principles for Working with Digital Cultural Heritage.

The vision of Digisam is to promote a digitised, accessible and usable Cultural Heritage for everyone, by coordinating a cost-effective infrastructure to support digitisation, use and preservation of high quality. In order to fulfil this vision, Digisam has determined 14 Principles for Digitasion, Preservation and Digital Access to Cultural Heritage, divided into four areas: Govern, Produce, Use, and Preserve.

Those 14 Principles have been translated to English and made publicly available at the following link: http://digisam.se/index.php/hem/entry/digisam-s-guiding-principles-now-translated-into-english