Knowing SCAPE Project



Knowing SCAPE Project

The SCAPE project is developing  scalable services for planning and execution of institutional preservation strategies on an open source platform that orchestrates semi-automated workflows for large-scale, heterogeneous collections of complex digital objects.

SCAPE will enhance the state of the art of digital preservation in three ways: by developing infrastructure and tools for scalable preservation actions; by providing a framework for automated, quality-assured preservation workflows and by integrating these components with a policy-based preservation planning and watch system. The project is co-funded by the European Union under FP7 ICT-2009.4.1.

The SCAPE participants are actively participating in workshops, conferences and other events where they present SCAPE for people outside the project. This results in many papers which can be found on the Publication page.

Presentations of some of the papers are included as well and more presentations can be found on SCAPE’s SlideShare account:

You can also find videos from SCAPE on Vimeo:
and follow the project on Twitter: @SCAPEProject