EGI conference on Challenges and Solutions for Big Data Processing on Cloud

Netherlands - Amsterdam

24-26 September - Events

The EGI conference on Challenges and Solution for Big Data will be held on September 24-26,  2014. The conference will be hosted at the CWI conference Centre, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The topic of the conference is about the open issues related to the efficient processing of big data towards the realization of the EGI vision of the Open Science Commons, and will feature user-orientated sessions, as well as a rich track on Cloud including:

  • The join EGI-GÉANT Symposium (two days)
  • The CloudWatch plugfestand workshop

EUDAT networking cocktail will be held on September 24th from 17.30 to 19.30, following the EGI conference. In the context of this event EUDAT will hold a poster session devoted to organization, project and initiatives in order to show the data regarding their activities and outcomes.

The deadline in order to register to the conference is 15th September. There is no registration fee, but the space provided by the conference venue is limited.

Detailed information are available at the following webpage