Germany - Dresden

9 September 2014 - DCH-RP dissemination events

CIDOC 2014

The DCH-RP Roadmap will be featured at the CIDOC Conference 2014, which will be held in Dresden, Germany, on September 6-11.

A paper will be presented about DCH-RP on Tuesday 9th September 2014, during Session G/1 – Digital Long Term Preservation. The main aims of the paper are to:

  • Make CIDOC Conference participants aware contents of the Roadmap;
  • Give participants an opportunity to give feedback about the Roadmap;
  • Seek support for the Roadmap.

There will be also opportunities to discuss the paper in other group sessions. The paper itself will be published in the conference proceedings.

About DCH-RP
Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation (DCH-RP) is a project supported by EC FP7 e-Infrastructures Programme. It seeks to look at best practice for preservation standards in use, and has created a "roadmap" which will give a way forward for the sector.
The Roadmap is built on two basic assumptions:

  1. Existing e-Infrastructures for research and academia are also efficient channels for the delivery of advanced services to be used by the digital cultural heritage sector for distributed digital preservation;
  2. It is possible to establish common policies, processes and protocols which will allow digital DCH organisations to access e-Infrastructures.