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Manchester: EGI Community Forum 2013

8-12 April 2013

The EGI Community Forum 2013 will take place at the University Place conference centre in Manchester, United Kin...

Villigen: 5th FIM4R Meeting PSI

20-21 March 2013

Federated identity management (FIM) in general and federated identity management for research communities (FIM4R) is an arrangement that can be made among multiple organisations that lets subscribe...

Taipei: International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2013

17-22 March 2013

The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2013 will be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei from 17-22 Marc...

Taipei: 2013 TELDAP International Conference

14-16 March

Highlighting Retrospect & Prospect as the theme, 2013 TELDAP International Conference will be scheduled on Mar...

Venezia: DCH-RP Second Plenary Meeting

14-15 February 2013

Venue: Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana New Agenda (PDF, 559 kb)...

Rome: ARIADNE (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe)

7 - 9 February 2013

ARIADNE aims to create an European infrastructure concerning  the archaeological data to facilitate the access and the research of information  within  archives from different Europe...

Rome: IRCDL 2013, 9th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries

31 January - 01 February 2013

IRCDL is a yearly deadline for Italian researchers on Digital Libraries related topics. The focus of IRCDL 2013 i...

Rome: Evento di lancio della Rete GARR-X

29 November 2012

Programma dell'evento di lancio della Rete GARR‐X (PDF, 113 kb)

Limassol: EUROMED 2012

29 October-3 November 2012

A  public  presentation  of DCH-RP toke place at Limassol  in Cyprus on the 1st November 2012  at the 4th International Euro-Mediterranean Conference ...

Egi Technical Forum 2013

16-20 September 2013

Egi technical forum, organized by and IBERGRID, has taken place in Madrid16 -20 September.EGI has established an open compute and data infrastructure built by federating national comp...

Roma: DCH-RP Kick-off meeting

8 October 2012

The EU Partners and contributors met for a full day meeting in order to plan and start the project activities....