Second Proof of Concept

The second Proofs of Concept experiments are focused on usable solutions and services that have the potential of being integrated into existing solutions due to their promising functionality – all the way towards experimenting with assembling a preservation platform fit for purpose.

Responding to the recommendations made by the intermediate roadmap and the project’s trust building report (D4.1) the experiments are covering SCAPE’s Matchbox tools, SCIDIP-ES HAPPI service, as well as EUDAT’s B2SHARE and B2SAFE services.

A total of seven experiments have been conducted, five of which on a European scale and two on a national scale. To learn more about the experiments conducted in this phase, please take a look at D5.4 Report on second Proof of Concept (pdf. 2,403 kb).

Underpinned with strategic memoranda of understanding signed between DCH-RP and partner initiatives and projects, such as SCAPE, APARSEN, SCIDIP-ES, EUDAT, the experiments contributed valuable feedback and recommendations to the final DCH Roadmap not only about technology itself, but almost more importantly in terms of how exactly a DCH e-Infrastructure should be set up, which business services are necessary and how they would be delivered and by whom.