E-infrastructure Concertation Workshop

DCH-RP E-Infrastructure Concertation Workshop, Tallinn, 23-24 April 2014

The DCH-RP project organized an E-infrastructure Concertation Workshop, held 23rd-24th April 2014 in Tallinn, with selected stakeholders including DCH organizations, e-infrastructures, digital preservation related projects and others involved and interested in digital preservation in order to discuss in more in detail the strategy and recommendations presented in the intermediate version of the Roadmap study. The workshop focused also on the sustainability of solutions for preservation infrastructure for digital cultural heritage at large. The contributions received from the participants will be taken into account in the final version of the Roadmap foreseen for the end of the project.

A list of the presentations is given below


  • Introduction to the roadmap - Börje Justrell, RA, Sweden (PDF, 400 kb)
  • Marie-Véronique Leroi, Patrimoine Numérique, Catalogue des collections numérisées, France (PDF. 131 kb)
  • Maurizio Messina, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Italy (PDF, 193 kb)
  • Hilke Arijs,Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Belgium (PDF, 292 kb)
  • Eva Stensköld, Ministry of Education and Research, Sweden (PDF, 336 kb)
  • Kuldar Aas, The National Archives of Estonia, Estonia (PDF, 161 kb)
  • Marco de Niet, Stichting Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland, the Netherlands (PDF, 663 kb)
  • Vania virgili, Dariah and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy (PDF. 685 kb)
  • Remigiusz Lis, Silesian Digital Library, Poland (PDF, 1,218 kb )
  • Šarūnas Bagdonas, National Arts Museum of Lithuania, Lithuania (PDF, 1,984 kb)
  • William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition, UK (PDF, 1,278 kb)
  • Laila Valdovska, Culture Information Systems Centre, Latvia (PDF, 1,112 kb)
  • Māte Toth, National Széchényi Library, Hungary (PDF, 517 kb)
  • Jürgen Keiper, Deutsche Kinemathek , Germany (PDF, 303 kb)
  • Discussion, chair: Raivo Ruusalepp,  (PDF, 514 kb)


  • Leif Laaksonen, e-IRG, Finland (PDF, 353 kb)
  • Jacques Dubucs, ESFRI, France (PDF, 171 kb)
  • Michel Drescher, EGI, the Netherlands (PDF, 1,728 kb)
  • Hardi Teder, EEnet, Estonia (PDF, 460 kb)
  • Holger Brocks, APARSEN (PDF, 966 kb)
  • Discussion, chair: Tim Devenport (PDF, 112 kb)
  • Conclusions and closing of the meeting Jean Moulin, BELSPO (PDF, 436 kb)