Tallinn, a concertation meeting to discuss the DCH-RP Roadmap study


23-24 April 2014 - DCH-RP events

In Tallinn on the 23 - 24 of April 2014 will be held the concertation meeting organized by DCH-RP project. Each partners of DCH-RP project will invite e-infrastructure providers, different types of DCH organisations and relevant policy making bodies to create contacts and discuss the most suitable strategy explained in Roadmap study.
The main objective is to ensure that the proposed Roadmap will be based on the feedback coming from the same community that is also engaged in bringing about the implementation and finally to demonstrate that e-Infrastructure provision is necessary for DCH. Because of pressure generated by the demand from the community, the relevant national bodies (ministries, agencies, other funding bodies) will be more likely to launch national or pan-European plans for the implementation of such infrastructure. This meeting will plan the future cooperation between the parties.